Funding Received!

Woo hoo! I just found out that we received a grant to put together the spring 2015 edition of the Utah Data Dive! Many, many thanks to Office of Engaged Learning at Utah Valley University, which awarded Russell Warne and me a Grant for Engaged Learning for the project. Now we’ll have lots of free food and swag for anyone who shows up to help! (If you’re interested, you can see the text of the grant application here.)


Off to the A2 Data Dive (with videos)

A2 Data Dive Logo

A couple of students and I will get on the plane in a few hours to go to the A2 Data Dive! And while the event itself is this Saturday and Sunday, there have also been three preparatory meetings called “Data Jams.” Although we were not able to attend those – we are, after all, 1600 miles away – the organizers have been kind enough to post videos on their YouTube page.Those videos, along with the intro video, are also embedded below.

Introduction to the A2 Data Dive

Data Jam 1: Data Cleaning

Data Jam 2: Answering Questions with Data

Data Jam 3: Pivot Tables