Official Utah Data Dive Theme Song

In lieu of doing something truly useful for the upcoming Utah Data Dive – although I did get the tables, power, and wifi arranged this morning, which is good – I have chosen an official Theme Song for the event. I’m not actually going to tell you what it is but I will let you know that it’s in a one-song playlist on Spotify and you can get to it here. (I believe you have to have a Spotify account to hear it, but I really don’t know how these things work. And, to head off any complaints about Spotify exploiting artists, I will mention that I have FIVE paid accounts to Spotify, so I’ve paid my part. You should, too.)

By the way, I’m also in the process of creating a public playlist for data dive songs that other Spotify users can add to. Get your geek on!

Enjoy and I’ll see you this weekend!


The beat to the still-incognito Official Utah Data Dive Theme Song was liberally borrowed from its creators and made popular in the US by Afrika Bambaataa in his song “Planet Rock.” This poster by Rob Ricketts is a depiction of the programming for the Roland TR-808 drum machine that creates the beat. It’s also an excellent visualization of musical data.

Planet Rock - Afrika Bambaataa - 808 Pattern 1