Data is all about love

Seriously. The Utah Data Dive is an exercise in using data to care for our friends, neighbors, and community. That’s love. And, to reflect that, here is the design that will be on the t-shirts for the event.

Utah Data Dive 2015

Mine heart swells….


From the Hill Pedagogy Lab

My wonderful colleague Jessi Hill and superstar undergraduate collaborator David Anderson have posted a great entry about the Utah Data Dive on her site Hill Pedagogy Lab. Here’s an excerpt:

What is a Data Dive?

Sadly, it has nothing to do with Star Trek or scuba diving. Rather, a data dive is a type of service project that helps local non-profit organizations understand and use their data. Data can be very helpful in making important decisions, but most people at these organizations don’t know how to work with data. The data that organizations have is so large that it requires special skills to work with, or the data might be in a strange format that isn’t conducive to the standard row and column spread sheet.

Many non-profits find that they fall in the latter of the two categories of this predicament. The data dive provides a solution to these problems. We simply put a whole bunch of nerds in a room with computers and food for 48 hours and they analyze, interpreter, and visualize the data. Now I know what you’re thinking “I don’t have any special skills to work with big data, and I hated my statistics course”. You still have a few different options on how to help out.

So take a look at the full article. Hopefully that will get you all fired up and we’ll see you at the end of March!