We’re scheduled and advertising!

After a few starts and stops due to room availability, the Utah Data Dive is now officially scheduled and invitations are going out. (It turned out that I was not able to get one room for two days anywhere on campus. Nor, for that matter, could I find one anywhere in Utah County that cost less than a $1000, when the budget for space was exactly $0.)

The important information, as shown on the front page, is this:

  • Location: Utah Valley University, 800 W. University Parkway, Orem UT 84058 [interactive map]
  • Friday, 27 March 2015: 9am – 7pm in room 206 of the Sorensen Student Center [complimentary breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks]
  • Saturday, 28 March 2015: 9am – 4pm in room 101 of the Liberal Arts Building [complimentary breakfast, lunch, snacks, and drinks]

We’re still working on a number of other details but it’s all under way! And, given the difficulty in getting the space, we’ve already started looking at the schedules for fall of 2015 and spring of 2016 for the next iteration of this event, which may or may not be at Utah Valley University. If you’re interested in having it at your school, please let me know! Email Bart at UtahDataDive@gmail.com.


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